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Workstation/Gantry Cranes

Unsurpassed in quality, durability and design, Overhead Cranes & Machinery Sales Ltd. custom-builds gantry cranes to suit any and all of your lifting needs. Load sizes and weights, heights and spans are limited only by the space you have to work with. Our complete range includes:

  • Single girder
  • Double girder
  • Single Leg
  • Double leg
  • Cantilever styles

In gantry cranes, the hoist is enclosed in a fixed machinery housing or on a trolley that runs along the crane’s rails horizontally. Depending on your requirements, it will be fitted onto a single or double girder and the frame is mounted on a structure that straddles your work space or the object you are lifting. Unlike their overhead crane counterparts, gantry cranes are not fixed to the walls or ceiling and can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

Gantry cranes are extremely versatile and can be made portable, dependent on your lifting needs. They can be designed for extreme lifting conditions such as heavy-duty industrial installations and intermodal containers, or customized for smaller jobs such as engine lifts and in-shop transportation of smaller items where an overhead crane is not feasible.

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