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Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are a versatile lifting option that can be installed inside or outdoors with a wide variety of lifting capacities and set up options. Our experts at Overhead Cranes and Machinery Sales Ltd. can help you determine the configuration that will best suit your project requirements.

A jib crane is comprised of a horizontal boom that bears load and carries a mobile hoist. The jib is attached to a vertical column that may be free-standing, or secured to a wall or floor of your building. The design allows for full or semi-circle lifting arcs for greater lateral movement or fixed, depending on your lifting requirements. The two main styles include:

cranesand machineryBase Mounted Freestanding Jib CranesSee Product Drawing

Custom-built according to lifting capacity required and coverage area, this installation allows the jib to swing, covering up to 360 degrees of your work space.

cranesand machineryColumn Mounted Jib CranesSee Product Drawing

Cost-effective and efficient, this style is able to cover an area of 180 degrees and is mounted on an existing column in or on your building.

View the technical drawings of our jib cranes to learn more about the styles and mounting options available. To get a quote or to learn about the options specific to your lifting requirements and available space, please contact us.