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Overhead Cranes

As your experts in delivering planning, design, engineering and manufacturing, Overhead Cranes & Machinery Sales Ltd. are your go-to solution for overhead cranes, which are the most common lifting device in the industry. We can assist you at any stage of your project or deliver a turnkey solution built to spec.

Since locations and requirements differ vastly, there are a wide array of solutions available in overhead cranes. Our team can assess your needs and help you choose the right crane for both your lifting needs and your budget. The following are the basic descriptions of overhead cranes available.

Overhead bridge cranes are an ideal investment for any industry. Designed as a trolley that runs on an overhead girder, or runway, these overhead cranes allow for better hook positioning and conserve valuable floor space in your building. Available in top run or underhung styles and single or double girder, each style has its benefits and drawbacks.

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Top Run Single Girder

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  • Most inexpensive option and suitable for light to medium duty
  • Lower hook height than double girder overhead cranes
  • Building steel reinforcement may not be necessary due to the lighter weight and wheel load of single girder systems
  • Additional features such as service walkways and heavy duty hoist equipment may not be feasible
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Top Run Double Girder

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  • Able to handle extremely heavy loads
  • Maximum hook height, barring building obstructions
  • Longer lifespan due to heavier-duty components
  • Suitable for specialized equipment such as walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnets, cable reels or others
  • May eliminate the need for additional lifting equipment such as forklifts due to hook coverage and flexibility
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Underhung Running Cranes

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  • Lighter capacity to their top run overhead crane counterparts
  • Single and double girder available in a wide range of capacities and spans
  • Offer excellent side approaches and floor space coverage
  • More economical than top run however, may be subject to more wear and tear due to lighter-duty construction
  • Can be installed without support columns and do not require as much support as top running cranes
  • Girder can be used as a service walkway
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Freestanding Column Systems

  • Supports loads your building's steel may not be capable of handling
  • Low overhead design allows it to fit into sites with lower headroom than usual
  • Crane and runway are completely free-standing
  • Ideal for outdoor use
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Column Mounted Systems

  • Designed to be mounted to your existing building columns
  • Structure determined by many factors, including lift height and the distance required
  • Ideal for limited spaces such as long, narrow areas or low-height buildings
  • Possibility of serving two stations from one column
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Crane Outdoor Flap Door Systems

When you need the versatility to operate your crane outdoors as well as in, Overhead Cranes & Machinery Sales Ltd. has you covered with custom-designed systems to suit your specific application. Outdoor flap door systems provide:

  • Integration with crane runway systems so cranes can access the outdoors
  • Employee protection from the elements when the crane is indoors
  • Helps conserve heating and cooling energy costs
  • Doors may be installed at both ends of crane runway for maximum coverage
  • Electric operation and anti-collision features available
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Hoists/Trolley Hoists

Regardless of your choice in overhead cranes, hoists and trolley hoists are critical to your material handling requirements. With offerings from such manufacturers as Columbus McKinnon, EMH, KITO and R&M, we can help you choose the hoist that suits your needs best and keeps everyone safe while in use.

  • Hoists and trolley hoists ranging from 1/4 to 80 ton
  • Available in wire rope or manual and electric chain hoists
  • Hand geared and manual push trolley styles are available
  • Performance that compares favorably with the best the industry has to offer
  • Some of our Hoist Manufacturers include Columbus McKinnon, R&M, KITO and EMH
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Turn Key Projects

Overhead Cranes and Machinery Sales Ltd. are experts at combining complete, high quality products with experienced engineering to solve all challenges. We can assist you at any stage of your project from planning to engineering to installation and completion.

Overhead Cranes & Machinery Sales Ltd. can help take the guesswork out of your overhead crane purchase. Contact us today for a quote.